Missive from Baron Raymond and Baroness Hauviette

Greetings to the Barony of Andelcrag from your new Baron and Baroness!

It is with great excitement that we take on the challenge of leading the Barony of Andelcrag.  

First of all, we want to thank Their Excellencies Antonia and Collette for leaving us in such fine shape.  You placed us in a wonderful position to succeed. We hope to build on your hard work and excellent leadership in making Andelcrag a place we all enjoy. We wish you well in your newfound freedom and know that we will have your continued support and love for our Barony.

We also want to thank all the people who have helped us prepare for our new role and those who will help us going forward.   

We’d like to take a moment to specifically recognize the following people for their work, skills and encouragement in getting ready for our investiture;

A Special Thank You To all who helped us with our Baronial Wardrobe;

Mistress Enid d’Auliere and Mistress Ilaria degli Attavante whose extensive and dedicated work was instrumental in helping us not only research and create the overall wardrobe but also encouraged us with their spirit and friendship

The following people contributed to the finishing of the wardrobe in countless ways;

THL Adallisia moglie di Simon Varzi & THL Thomasette re Harfleur for research, creating the cap of estate Countess Catarina de Bruyn- Stamping the gomlek with lightning bolts
Lord Tavis MacIntoshfrz- help with preparing bolts for the baldric
Lady Melike bint Nikola- creating the wrapped buttons
Lady Sisildi de Orense and Lord Faelan Mac Eogain Mhic Mael-Duin- work on banner poles
Mistress Jervisa Wainwright and Lady Rosearcana- assisting with hemming and buttons and buttons and hemming oh my!
Lady Sigrun Ormsdottir- painting of mother of pearl heraldic buttons
Lord Draco- help in finishing Turkish shoes
Lady Ysenda of Andelcrag- beaded veil
Mistress Zaynab- gift of Baroness Faillen’s headdress, bracelets and lucette woven lanyards.

Gift Boxes for Their Excellencies Baroness Antonia and Collette de Valois were put together to show our appreciation for their years of hard work and leadership, many thanks to all who contributed;

Baron Raymond  and Baroness Hauviette ( Zubaida Hanimevali)
Mistress Enid d’Auliere
THL Adallisia moglie di Simon Varzi
Baroness Thomasette re Harfleur
Catarina deBruyn
Mistress Eva vanOldebroek
Mistress Ilaria degli Attavante
Master Rijckaert vanUtrecht
Dame Alaina Blackram and Baron Alexander Blackram
Mistress Antoinette Martel
Lady Merraede Brightmore
Lady Myriam al Andalus

Thank you to Baroness Collette de Valois, Lady Katelyn Crowe, Lord Armand des Chartres, Mistress Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan and Megan Gavin, for their work on the beautiful Baronial Banners. It will be a joy to see them fly!

Also, Lord Armand des Chartres,  Lady Sufia of Three Hills, Lady Ulfarna and Lord Charles of Three Hills for the supply of cast pewter awards so that we can begin our tenure with the ability to make those awards a reality.

I hope we have not missed anyone, but please let us know if we did, we would regret leaving anyone out in the rush. It has meant so much to us to have not only the support of many hands but many hearts.

Our Goals;

You should know that we wish to promote the growth and unity of our diverse barony and create opportunities for frivolity and fun. To that end we have specific areas that we are hoping to encourage including;

  • Baronial heraldic displays and Baronial presentation in art, song and story
  • Development of a Chronicle of the History of Andelcrag
  • Combat and target archery
  • Growth of all Martial Arts

In the coming days, we intend to call on you to help us with the ideas we have to make Andelcrag even greater.  We are fortunate to be blessed with a Barony filled with highly motivated and talented people.   We welcome hearing from you with the ideas and suggestions you may have.  Please send your ideas to our email address (baronyofandelcrag@gmail.com) so that we can consider and keep them after you present them to us personally.

Planning for Pennsic;

Their Royal Highnesses, Alric and Katherine have asked us for 3 things for this Pennsic;

  1. A set of 2 wooden benches (to specs) for Midrealm Royal
  2. Brewed drinks for hospitality for our Allies
  3. Two Andelcrag Banners; one for the field and one to be hung in Midrealm Royal

We will be sharing the details of these three requests with you soon so that if you wish to participate you can.

We want you to know that we are approachable and open and if we have not personally introduced ourselves, we encourage you to seek us out, get to know us and give us the opportunity to learn about you.

We look forward to serving you.

Baron Raymond and Baroness Hauviette (Zubaida Hanimevali)

Draco Invictus!