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WInter Missive

Winter Missive

We hope you all enjoyed the peaceful holiday season with friends and family and are excited about the coming year. The joyful events of 12th Night and Winter Revel had both excellent attendance and revelry. We were graced by our good friends, Their Royal Highnesses Felix and Madeleina who joined us for a particularly memorable day at the 35th anniversary of Winter Revel in our Canton of Three Walls (Ionia MI) and we are now looking forward to a year of more of the same. A congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped to make that happen.

Our current event plans include (but are not limited to);
Feb 22- Valentine’s Day Massacre- Three Hills (Kalamazoo MI)
Mar 28-Pentamere Regional A&S sponsored by our Canton of Rimsholt (Grand Rapids MI)
May 2- Coronation at Red Spears (Cory OH)
May 22-24- Crown Tournament at Middle Marches (Xenia OH)

We encourage you to reach out to us if you are going and would like to set up a day camp, join us at our presence or participate in any pageantry.

Also, we strongly encourage you to put forth names of those you see who are doing good works and deeds and should be recognized for such. You are our eyes and ears and we in turn are able to put forth those names to Their Majesties so that all of the known world can know about our amazing people. We also love to recognize our people with Baronial Awards including our new Arts, Service and Martial Awards

Please send us an email at baronyofandelcrag@gmail.com or submit an Award Recommendation on the Midrealm web page at https://a12c.enciva.com/apex/f?p=331:1:6214182937242

If you would like to contribute to our efforts to support the Heirs to the Dragon Throne, Felix and Madeleina, with largesse, labor or time please reach out to us. We hope to provide them as much help as we can offer.

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming event Valentines Day Massacre on February 22, 2020 in our Canton of Three Hills where we are hosting a Queen’s Arts and Science Prize Tourney and a Tournament of Chivalry. There will be much fun to be had!

Raymond and Zubaida
Baron and Baroness Andelcrag

May Missive from their Excellencies

Missive from the Baron and Baroness
May 8, 2018

It is May and we send out warm Spring wishes to the wonderful populace of Andelcrag! The weather is finally cooperating and events and activities in the Barony are beginning to emerge like flowers in the sun.
All hail our new Sovereigns Their Royal Majesties Alric and Katherine! Long live the King and Queen! Our deepest heartfelt thanks to the Kingdom’s newest Duke and Duchess — Cellach and Vukasin — for their wonderful reign and all they have done for the Middle Kingdom.
We hope to see all of you at the various fight practices, archery practices, music performances, A & S nights and events being held within our lands. Come and talk with us! The heart and soul of our Kingdom takes place at these local activities where we spend time together doing all the things we so enjoy doing. So get up and come on out!

Please join us at “It’s Only a Fletch Wound” Baronial Althing on May 12, 2018 at Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club. We are excited to determine our Champions for the coming year in the areas of Archery, Thrown Weapons, Fencing, Arts and Sciences, and Armored Combat. Once again we request that those gentles interested in serving as one of our Champions:
1. Bring with you an arts or sciences project to demonstrate your involvement in that aspect of the Society. Your project does not have to be new and will not have an impact on the Champion competition EXCEPT in the case of the A&S Champion (in which case it WILL) IF you are seeking to become A&S Champion we expect you to take part in a martial activity in some fashion. That participation could be marshalling, bearing water, shooting target archery, throwing weapons, competing in armored or rapier combat or some other idea.

2. Submit to us in advance OR bring with you on the day of the event a letter of recommendation from a member of the Baronial Populace describing your worthiness to be considered as a Champion.

We hope to have a lot of fun with our Champions and we want to thank all participants in advance.

Let all armored combatants, rapier combatants, thrown weaponists and archers prepare yourselves! There are rumors of trouble on the eastern borders of the glorious Barony of Andelcrag. Though we love our cousins of Northwoods dearly, there sometimes comes a time for strenuous discussion over matters of import. We feel that such a time is coming soon and call on all of you to help us make our arguments at Baronial Border War in June.

The smell of war on the wind also reminds us that Pennsic is coming quickly. Please be sure to register with The Barony of Andelcrag (you must pre- register to allocate your space to our camp ) so you can join us for all the fun that is Andlecamp. We have a very accommodating and fun camp with full amenities. Come and join us for Pennsic and help our new Majesties to make THEIR arguments as needed.

We continue to encourage everyone to be thinking about those members of the populace that you feel deserve recognition for their contributions to our Barony and Kingdom. Please bring those people to our attention and/or recommend them for awards.

A Gentle Reminder;
We are still seeking someone to fill the position of Baronial Historian a much needed roll that will help our illustrious barony live on forever- please see us soon if you are at all interested or curious of what it would mean.

Yours in Service

Sieur Raymond and Zubaida Hanimevali
Baron and Baroness Andelcrag