March Missive from their Excellencies

Missive from the Baron and Baroness
March 2, 2018
Greetings to the wonderful populace of Andelcrag!  As the weather begins to improve we are looking forward to upcoming events taking place in our Barony.
We are eagerly awaiting the Pentamere Regional Arts and Sciences Faire hosted by our great Canton of Nordheim on April 14 and hope to see you all there.
We would also like to encourage everyone to join us at It’s Only a Fletch Wound / Baronial Althing on May 12, 2018 at Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club.  At the Althing, we will be selecting our Champions for the coming year in the areas of Archery, Fencing, Arts and Sciences, and Armored Combat.  We request that those gentles interested in serving as one of our Champions:
1.      Bring with you an arts or sciences project to demonstrate your involvement in that aspect of the Society.  Your project does not have to be new and will not have an impact on the Champion competition EXCEPT in the case of the A&S Champion (in which case it WILL) IF you are seeking to become A&S Champion we expect you to take part in a martial activity in some fashion.   That participation could be marshalling, bearing water, shooting target archery, throwing weapons, competing in armored or rapier combat or some other idea.

2.      Submit to us in advance OR bring with you on the day of the event a letter of recommendation from a member of the Baronial Populace describing your worthiness to be considered as a Champion.

We want to thank everyone in advance for your participation and we look forward to a fun year with our Champions.

IMPORTANT:   Their Royal Highnesses have requested assistance from the Baronies of the Middle Kingdom to help the Pennsic effort in the form of taxes.
The following is from Their Royal Highnesses:
Greetings to your Exellencies of the Midrealm.
At Kingdom 12th night we spoke with the landed barons in attendance regarding a few of the expectations we have for this coming Pennsic.
It is our intention to…Tax the baronies, and as His Excellency Ermenrich so aptly put it We will be taxing the baronies for:
1: Benches. We would ask that each Barony provide to Pennsic Royal two benches for sitting. The benches should be able to hold 4-6 people and will be brought to Royal by opening ceremonies, and removed from Royal by closing ceremonies. It is our hope that there will be no need for the shabby plastic folding chairs in Royal, and by providing this tax there will be no need. We encourage the baronies to decorate these benches to show the glory of Our great Dragon’s baronies. Perhaps the finest benches will be positioned closer to the thrones in royal.
2: Booze. In celebration of the fast and deep commitment of our Allies Aethelmearc. They declared for us very early, and we would celebrate and support such commitment. It is our intention to ask our baronies to bring a bit of Booze as a donation to Aetehlmearc for use in the party they have planned for Pennsic. The type of Alchohol is completely up to you and your populace.
3: Bodies. We are starting a new division for the Midrealm Army.
The Engineering core. The engineering core will be comprised of individuals who desire to serve the Midrealm army. We are hoping for a minimum of 20 people, their main function will be to move Hay Bales and help set up the field for each armored and fencing battle. It is our intent to present this designated group of individuals to the Pennsic battlefield staff with the understanding that their main focus is to aid the Pennsic staff with any and all battlefield support. We seek to tax you for volunteers to fill these positions. Some baronies do not have large battlefield levies, this allows for each barony to directly have a hand in support of the Pennsic war effort.
4: Banners. Our commanders have a hard time seeing your glorious armies on the field. With this in mind it is Our intent that each barony provide two banners One battlefield and one display, and one designated banner carrier. The banner carrier will be responsible for carrying the banner in the battles. Our generals will be using your banners as identifiers and rally points for troops, so make them appropriate battle banners. The display banners will be hung in Midrealm Royal. A dimensional requirement will be presented to each of you, based on how our Camp Coordinator suggests.
We would like to take this time to thank each of you ahead of time. Our goal is to celebrate the greatness and camaraderie of the Midrealm. Your taxes are hopefully not too egregious, and will easily meet our expectations.
Alric and Katherine, Prince and Princess of the Midrealm.

Pennsic will be coming before we know it, so we wish to begin on these projects as soon as possible. Toward that end, we ask those gentles willing to assist in these efforts to contact us so that we can begin to coordinate.  Thank you in advance! Duke Gavin has already graciously offered to construct the two Andelcrag benches for us.  Thank you so much, Your Grace.
We also want to encourage everyone to be thinking about those members of the populace that you feel deserve recognition for their exemplary contributions to our Barony and Kingdom.  Please bring those people to our attention and/or recommend them for awards.
Yours in Service
Sieur Raymond and Zubaida Hanimevali
Baron and Baroness Andelcrag

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