April Missive from their Excellencies

As the weather begins to break and we prepare for the upcoming Pentamere A&S Faire this weekend hosted by our Canton of Nordheim (in Wyoming MI), we would like to share some of our thoughts with you.
We have begun to visit our Canton meetings and are excited to learn more about our populace, what will help you grow and prosper, and how we can assist toward that end. It is our intention to continue this process of attending Canton meetings on a rotating basis to spend time with each group and ensure that you all have access to us regularly.

Baronial Endeavors;
This month we would like to share with you two significant endeavors we wish to pursue.
The Baronial Historian
For any people to grow and prosper, they need to understand who they are, where they came from and what they are made of before deciding which direction to go. As part of our mission to increase the greatness and unity of our Barony, we are creating a position of “Baronial Historian”. This person will be asked to collect, preserve, promote and disseminate the history of our illustrious Barony. The people, events and stories of how we came to be. To preserve this information in text, song, and image in both the virtual and physical worlds.
If there is a group amongst you, we are happy to consider a league of historians who will work together to encourage the people of our Barony to share their memories, record them, a thereby enrich us all.
We invite the members of our barony to approach us or write to us at baronyofandelcrag@gmail.com with their desire to fulfill this role.

The Tur Kadir Oglu
As many of you know, Her Excellency Zubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir (aka Hauviette) has pursued the study of the art of archery, combat and all things Turkish. In her studies, she came upon knowledge of a mighty egalitarian fighting force of the Caucasus mountains of Armenia and Turkey known in period as the Tur Kadir Oglu or “Sons of the Circle of Power”. This group is purported to survive to this day ,was witnessed by Pierre Bertrandon in the 15th Century

(The travels of Bertrandon de La Brocq́uière … to Palestine, and his return from Jerusalem overland to France, during the years 1432 & 1433). Bertrandon speaks of how women and men fought alongside each other, women wearing the “tarquais” or warriors belt and quiver. It is her desire to create a Baronial unit that will encompass traditional target archery, combat archery, rapier and thrown weapons that will collectively be known as the Tur Kadir Oglu.

Let it be known that all who wish to join us on the field, whether it be archery, combat archery, rapier, thrown weapons, siege weapons or support of troupes have a place in this unit. Our unofficial heraldry will be Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent between two lightning bolts in chevron inverted Or, a Golden Hamsa (hand)
This unit (led by Her Excellency) will be the combat archery arm of the heavy weapons unit lead by His Excellency. It will be its own unit for rapier/cut and thrust activities as well as traditional archery. This means that they can function independently or together. It should also be known there is NO requirement to participate in this unit. Although we would love to have all of our people fight at least one battle together as a group at Pennsic, we understand that many of us have other loyalties we must fulfill.
We wish to welcome all of those who cannot or do not wish to engage in heavy weapons to consider how they can support the glorious Army of the Dragon by joining us for a battle or two at Pennsic or throughout the year at events, battles or practice for comradery.

The Illustrious Order of Baklava
As Her Excellency recognizes that her name and title can be foreign to the tongue of many, she wishes to extend this offer;
If a subject of the Barony of Andelcrag addresses Her Excellency completely without hesitation or falter, in full they will be included in the Illustrious Order of Baklava, to be inducted at the Baronial Border War or the Baronial Allthing as she sees fit. This induction will entail being offered a piece of Her Excellencies home-made baklava of varying flavors and styles to be shared amongst all of the other members of the order. There may be Turkish coffee or sharbat served as well (TBD).
Title; Zubaida Hanimevali = Baroness Zubaida
Name to be addressed- Zubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir = Zubaida Woman with a Sword daughter of Abed of the Region of Kadir

Zoo- bay- duh Hah-nim-meh-wall-ee
Zoo- bay- duh Kee-leech-loo Kar-ee bint Ah-bed al Kah-deer

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you this weekend;

Baron Raymond d’Anjou and Zubaida Hanimevali

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