Candied Fruit Peels

Candied Peels, Ginger and other Confections by Channon Mondoux and the Eclectic Kitchen Supplies needed1 Dozen lemons OR½-1 pound of fresh ginger1 teaspoon sea salt (optional)1 teaspoon food-grade calcium hydroxide, also known as pickling lime (OPTIONAL if you want acrisp candy result)2-3 quarts Water (you will need to replace this repeatedly)Regular Granulated Sugar (6 cups)2lbs …

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WInter Missive

Winter Missive We hope you all enjoyed the peaceful holiday season with friends and family and are excited about the coming year. The joyful events of 12th Night and Winter Revel had both excellent attendance and revelry. We were graced by our good friends, Their Royal Highnesses Felix and Madeleina who joined us for a …

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