Pennsic 2019 Camp forms

Hello! Here is the Andelcrag 2019 Camp Form for Pennsic!

If you have questions, please contact the camp mistress.

Here is the Google Doc form for the camp.

Please make sure to fill out the form entirely and get it back to your camp mistress ASAP!

Andelcamp 2019

Pennsic 2019

Welcome to Andelcamp!

We are looking forward to having a wonderful time with all of you at Pennsic 48.  We are also excited to be hosting our first Andelcamp Hafla as Baron and Baroness.  

Everyone please provide you’re your tent info even if you have provided it before. We are trying to ensure that all info is accurate and up to date.  Thanks!

A word on tent sizes:

Please remember that each person is allowed 200 square feet.  If you are camping by yourself, you will be allotted only 200 square feet unless you registered an extra person or have a registered tent mate.  The 200 square feet must include the space your tent ropes take up.   But wait, I thought I got 250 square feet?

Yes, you are allotted 250 square feet but 50 feet of your space is needed for safe walkways, fire code rules (3 feet between each tent) and for the populace pavilion and kitchen/ shower trailer.  So, if you are one person and have a 10 x 20 tent (200 sq ft) without ropes (bell wedge, A-frame), you’re good but if you have ropes that need to go out 2 feet then really your tent footprint is 14 X 24 which becomes 336 sq ft.  If you have questions about your tent size, please email us!

The Camp Fee for this year $50 per adult, $15 per child 7-17 and six years and under are free. The $10 increase from last year is to pay for the wonderful populous tent that will set up and taken down for us.  (Such a relief) Your Camp Fee also covers community water, propane for hot water and torches, firewood, trailer fund and a continental breakfast Sat- Fri. of the second week (Coffee, juice, tea, rolls, fresh fruit, oatmeal and cold cereal, maybe more).  The kitchen will be available for cooking; you will need to clean it up when you’re done. If someone wants to volunteer to cook a meal for the camp, that can be arranged!

Mairghread Brightmore (Jamie Kipp) is your Camp Mistress this year.  Please help her to the best of your ability. Our Kitchen Steward is Seitz Kirbrich.  Thanks to both of you in advance.

Please let us know if you are going down for land grab, so we can plan accordingly. There are many advantages to going down early; you don’t have to wait at troll, your tent is already set up when you return the next weekend.  Set up includes putting up the kitchen/shower trailer, digging the midden, putting up walls, and other miscellaneous things.

Your Baron and Baroness will be camped in Andelcamp this year.  

We will be arriving on Friday, July 26th for Land Grab.

Tear down will be Friday, August 9th after breakfast so the trailer can be packed and ready to go before everyone leaves on Saturday. If you are still in camp, please plan on helping.  Arriving late and leaving early to miss most of the work is not fair to those who are there for the full time; you get the benefits of camp and should be willing to contribute, if you must leave early (for work etc.), please let us know in advance and plan on assisting in other ways while you are at Pennsic.  


Per the Pennsic Site guides : Groups have been earning 1 Land Point towards seniority for each year they camped on their block. Starting in 2015, they lose 1 point if anyone from their group is still on site after 12 noon Sunday, August 14, 2016.   With this in mind, the Camp Mistress will be the LAST person on our campsite to leave and she leaves on Saturday, August 10, 2016.

There are a very few rules;

*If you make a mess clean it up.

*Put cigarette butts in the trash or fire pit, not on the ground. Please keep smoking away from where the populace is.

*Food and/or drink left out attracts bugs, so don’t leave any around, even late at night or if you’re incapacitated.

* If we have a fire pit:  If you light the fire in the evening, you are responsible to tend it or to find someone who is willing to tend it for you. Otherwise, when you leave, make sure the fire is out.

*If it’s your turn to take out trash, help in kitchen, get ice, whatever, be on time and/or get it done.

*If you use the kitchen, clean up after yourself.

*Be nice and considerate to your camp neighbors, both in our camp and the other camps around us.  Remember sound travels easily through canvas…

Please fill out the attached forms completely and send them to us with your camp fee- camp fees MUST be paid prior to Pennsic. PayPal is the preferred method of payment- please send to, as a gift.  Checks can be made out to Channon Russette-Mondoux .  If you email your form, please save it with your name.

As with last year, if we have a volunteer to camp next to the Port-a-Johns, one adult Camp Fee will be waived.

Dan Mondoux

6924 Angling Road

Portage MI 49024

Yours in Service,

Raymond and Zubaida

Baron and Baroness of  Andelcrag

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