Covid-19 Missive

Missive from their Excellencies:
To all and sundry,
In our last communication, we urged you to consider that times of crisis can also be times of opportunity and it is with this sentiment in mind that we write this missive.
Our people have been called to arms, called to arts and called to service for our beloved Kingdom- now we have an opportunity to put our hearts and hands to work for our country and community at large.
Requests have officially gone out by local governments and hospitals for hand-made masks to supplement and in some circumstances, replace the lack of medical supplies. They are simple, easy and will make a difference.
I know that many of you feel idle, fearful, frustrated- maybe even a little hopeless in this current situation of social distancing and quarantine. Now is the time to show your mettle, take up your well -oiled machines, scraps of cotton and bits of elastic and create these much-needed masks to make a difference.
I would ask you to follow the instructions found on this website, and to keep a tally of your creations.…
Kalamazoo County is accepting masks will take them and prep them for disinfecting. Check with your local health department to see if/where they are accepting them. If not, send them to me and I’ll get them to those who need them.
Take pictures of the beautiful cotton fabrics your employ and share them with us. And for whoever makes a great number of masks, I will personally bake you a sumptuous prize of handmade, glistening baklava. I will present it to you at our earliest convenience and we will laugh and joyfully share it together.
I would ask all of our A&S Ministers to tally your counts and keep us abreast of the work our good people do. Please share this missive with whomever you wish. I hope to be busy making baklava for some time to come
And if some of you create artist masks as gifts for friends or family (which I know you are wont to do), I would love to see them and your artistry. However, for the health community let’s give them the simple, useable masks they ask for.
And with that, let the sewing begin!
Your Baron and Baroness, Raymond and Zubaida

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